7 Most Common Routine Property Maintenance Task to Protect Your Property

Routine property maintenance is an important task while maintaining a property. It helps Now, As a landlord, you might be thinking that saving those extra bucks might help you buy your favorite dream car in future but trust me those little leaks in pipes could turn into gigantic water sprinkler which will flood your apartment and also your monthly expenses. Therefore here are some 7 common tasks that you should definetly add into your Routine Property Maintanance list:

  1. Regular Inspections

    Regular Inspection is one of the most important part of routine property maintenance. It helps you to identify any small damages in the apartments and fix it immediately. It is advisable to perform a Regular Inspection every 6 months. But it depends upon you when you need it. If the building/apartment is quite old then you need to perform frequent Inspections.

  2. Using Different Methods for collecting rent:

    Water Damages or Leaks not only floods your building but it also cause damage to your building/apartments. The Moisture from water leaks can cause damps on the walls which are needed to be replaced immediately. If the dirty water reaches the drinking water resevior it might also cause health concerns. The best time to check for water damage or leaks would be after a heavy rainstorm or after the snow and ice begins to melt in spring.

    The most effective way to check for water damages and leaks is to Look around windows and doors for soft spots and discoloration on ceilings and walls. Because these are the most common spaces which get affected.

    Checking for Leaks on pipes and fixtures inside the bathroom is also a good idea because water makes the conditions favorable for molds to grow. Also, Don't forget to check the boilers, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances.

  3. Checking for Water Damage or Leaks

    Having clear communication about the payment amount and date to pay rent is crucial to avoid late payments. You can follow it by mentioning it in the lease agreement. You can also send reminders about rent payments 3-4 days before the deadline by sending notices through post or emails. If the tenants are fully informed then they won't forget to pay rent on time.

  4. Creating penalty and rewarding policies to combat late payment of rents:

    If the above three tips don't work then you should create a penalty clause in the lease agreement where the tenants have to pay 5 or 10% more on the agreed rent amount. You can also create a reward clause that if they pay the rent before the last date or in advance then they get a 4% discount on the current month's agreed rent. These policies will increase the chances that the tenants pay the rent amount beforehand.

  5. Monthly Extermination

    Monthly Extermination should be added to your routine property maintenance list as a recurring task because you don't want to lose your tenants due to rodents or insect problems. It also helps you preserve your property and eliminate any arising health concerns.

  6. Maintaining Water Heater

    Cleaning and maintaining the Water Heater is one of the most important jobs in the routine apartment maintenance list. Removing sediment buildup and draining the tanks once per year can extend the life of your hot water tank. Also maintaining the water heater can make it operate more efficiently. Which would provide a seamless flow of hot water among the tenants.

  7. Testing all the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Protecting the apartment from disasters like fire is one of the most important jobs of the landlord. To prevent it from happening the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors play an important role. Therefore you need to make sure that the smoke and carbon detectors are regularly checked. It is advisable to check the battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detector every 6 months and the wired detectors every 12 months. Battery from the detectors should also be changed frequently. Also, remember that the lifespan for a smoke detector is 5 years and the carbon monoxide detector is 10 years. If you want to make your property more secure you should also install a water sprinkler and allot a fire extinguisher on each floor.