How To Establish a Proper Communication Channel With your Tenants

Property Management business is heavily reliant on its Tenants. Therefore if you want to run a successful property management business you must focus more on retaining your old tenant and acquiring new ones. In this case, tenant communication plays an important role. You may be asking why It is so important that a whole blog is written on it.

In today's age, Everyone wants to be heard and kept informed. Just like when you hear about a celebrity breakup and stick to the news all day just to know who gets to keep the puppy. If you keep your communication channels open to your tenants all the time it will increase customer satisfaction as they feel a part of the whole process and they might renew their lease or refer others to join too. It will help you become more proactive with problem-solving and fix little issues faster which generally takes a lot of time. Now you have full knowledge that why it is important.

Let's Discuss the Steps you can take to establish a solid communication channel with your tenants.

  1. Creating and Establishing a Solid Communication Strategy Framework

    Having a solid communication strategy is a vital part while establishing a channel. While creating the strategy you need to focus on what kind of communications you want, who will receive it, and what medium you will use to deliver to them. There are many kinds of channels available, out of which I have highlighted four that might help you

    • Daily Communications :   This type of communication is an important tool because through this you can form a sense of activeness and build a spirit of community among your tenants. Daily communications can be done through notices, social media, or small meetings. These communications generally include welcoming new tenants, addressing problems that are needed to be solved, Wishing people on their special occasions( like birthdays, anniversaries, etc). While deciding the delivery method of the messages don't choose anything that feels like spam.
    • Scheduled Messages :   These types of communications consist of recurring reminders and notices like payment reminders, lease expiration notices, and seasonal updates. While sending the messages it is advisable that you use multiple direct mediums to ensure that your messages are received.
    • The Feedback Loop :   The feedback loop includes the circulation of a questionnaire where the tenants can fill it and provide any suggestions on improving the building/ apartment. It can be done through both online and offline ways depending upon the comfort of the tenants.
    • Crisis Communications :   Crisis communication is the most important one and it should be included in your communication strategy. While strategizing the communication channel you need to be sure that the procedure is easy to understand and there must be a clear channel for passing the information.

  2. Set Clear Expectations Early

    Setting the expectations from the start is an important part to retain new tenants. Therefore the rules and regulations of the apartment should be clearly specified in the lease and they should be explained at the time of signing. While explaining the terms you should be clear, honest with them, and encourage questions and feedback.

  3. Deciding Whom to inform

    Before you start communicating with tenants, you have to identify with whom you are going to communicate about payments, rents , etc.

  4. Offer Numerous Communication Channels

    Offering numerous communication channels is an important thing to consider while establishing a communication channel because not everyone uses tik tok to post videos or Twitter to fight with a random guy. Giving a choice of channel to tenants will improve the flow of information between you and the tenants.

  5. Listen More than You Talk

    I am pretty sure that you know about this one which is similar to the open-door policy, yada yada . But it also forms one of the most important techniques while communicating with your tenants. Listening to them makes them feel important and improves your relationship with them. Through this technique, tenants may also give their suggestions regarding the improvement of the apartment.

    Now that you know everything about establishing proper communication channels, I hope that you use them to your advantage to retain your old tenants and acquire new ones. Property360Degree cover most of these channels of communication and stay updated with tenants. With larger rental portfolio, digital platform it the way to manage communications with tenants and address their concerns.