Hybrid App for Property Management


Problem Statement : Property360degree.com being a property management product had to be a solution which would be accessible on any device (based on use cases of on-field and in office usage), supporting all time zone, different currencies and different kind of stakeholders like Property Manager, Owner, Tenant and Vendors to carry out end-to-end operations collaboratively.

In short, it had to be a start-up building a SaaS product with zero cash-flows. We wanted to create a solution:

  • which could provide reasonably good user experience, without having to set up dedicated Native app development teams;
  • Performance of the solution had to be good;
  • Reduces the cost of development by adopting a single code base, working for multiple mobile operating systems;
  • Solution scalable to progressive web app;
  • Optimum team size and quick to deliver.

Solution: Be it a startup or any size business, technology is the key enabler and indeed it can make a big difference when we think on Digital solution lines as discussed in my previous post. Companies are always on a lookout for a technological solution which will reduce the budget on IT spending and which would enable it to be ready to market. With similar thought process, we started exploring Hybrid App space and we as a team narrowed down on Ionic framework with Spring Boot as backend built on AWS, which looked very promising as it met the checklist listed above.

In short, the exploration and the needs identified by our internal technology and business teams have been met with the solution which is out there in the market accessible on Android, iOS and web app. In this journey, we as a team came up with a solution which we are done for the first time ever! We indeed have innovated the way this complete technology stack has been put together. Today, property360degree.com is a cross-platform solution which is running smooth and making life easy for the stakeholders (Property Manager, Owner, Tenant, and Vendors) and is being used in different geographies, with major users adopting from US, Canada, Australia, and India.

The Secret sauce in making this happen is our awesome technology team which when blended with an understanding of business helped us to deliver Software as a Solution (SaaS) for Property Management businesses.