Hybrid App for Property Management

Problem Statement : Property360degree.com being a property management product had to be a solution which would be accessible on any device (based on use cases of on-field and in office usage), supporting all time zone, different currencies and different kind of stakeholders like Property Manager, Owner, Tenant and Vendors to carry out end-to-end operations collaboratively.

In short, it had to be a start-up building a SaaS product with zero cash-flows. We wanted to create a solution:

Digital Road Map for Property Management

The moment we see or hear “Digital”, “Technology” or “Marketing” are the words which we anticipate to follow. Most of the Property Management companies may have adopted “Digital Marketing” for their business which may be producing desired results. Digital marketing is a process which requires continues exploration and refining the strategy so that businesses achieves the defined goals. There is lot more to it and there are many gurus who have produced tons of high quality information freely accessible. But this information needs to be processed and applied to your business. This is where some digital marketing experts/agencies come into picture. We will take-up “Digital Marketing” for some other day. Let’s look into “Digital Technology” or “Digital” for Property Management domain.

Catering for the Rental Market Post-Lockdown

Over the past few months, the lockdown has allowed for the natural world to begin to heal itself of the harm that has been caused to it by us. Is this creating a better place for us? Maybe, yes. But should we thank COVID-19? Definitely not. Since its outbreak, COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, far more so than any other disease in living memory. Although it has helped to benefit our environment, we shouldn’t have had to wait for a disaster such as COVID to achieve this, we could have been more proactive towards planet earth all along.

Non-Ownership Housing: Mainstreaming Rental Housing in India

It is important to learn from international examples where rental housing is being subsidised through viability gap fund and subsidy vouchers.

Urbanisation in India has been declared as Messy and Hidden by World Bank in its report Leveraging Urbanization in South Asia, 2015. It is characterised by exclusionary urbanisation, rising disparities, access and quality of urban infrastructure and basic amenities, regional imbalances, weakly empowered city governments, lack of reforms and institutional capacity, among others.